An excellent, independently-run home offering Residential and 24-hour Nursing Care.

Wonderful, tender, loving, attentive care in a welcoming, stimulating atmosphere.

A Care Home should be managed with humanity and understanding.

Personal relationships should be at the heart of any Home.

Zoolab returns

Zoolab visited Glebe House and the Residents got to touch and hold insects and reptiles. We held a giant Snail, lizards and a snake! The Residents enjoyed finding out about these animals and those that wanted to could hold and feel the animals.

Jimmy Kent is back!

The return of Jimmy Kent got everbody up and dancing. As you can see Residents love it when Jimmy comes to sing and with his Michael Buble voice the staff love him too!

Carols at Glebe House

The Sacred Heart Church entertained our Residents with Christmas Carols by our Tree. Everyone joined in and some of our Residents accompanied the Choir with Sleigh Bells.

Happy Birthday!

One of our lovely Residents celebrated her birthday. Our Chef baked her a lovely cake and she had this with a nice Gin & Tonic brought in by her daughter - her favourite drink!

Glebe House gets its Pom Poms out.

SOSA or Seated Dance returned to Glebe House and we all got involved shaking our Pom Poms!! With exercises for your arms (and legs if you can manage it), seated dance is a great way to get some exercise and fun in one go.