Inspirational Poetry by the Talented Mr Chris Meredith.

Inspirational Poetry by the Talented Mr Chris Meredith.

14 March 2017

 Chris Meredith visited Glebe House for a meaningful poetry session, the benefits of poetry in therapeutic settings are clear to see, the intervention involving reading poetry aloud to our residents then holding a discussion afterwards, really helps self-expression and group participation. Chris is always inspired by our residents to write a poem dedicated to his visit. One of Chris's first poems he wrote, inspired by our Residents, is now proudly displayed in 'Our Home'.

The Magical Tree
© Chris Meredith 2017
(Inspired by the residents of Glebe House Care Home)

On a tropical island stood a female magic tree
Colours of a rainbow with the smell of potpourri
Tall and thin her name was Maribelle
Surrounded by the sea and brilliant white seashells
In her branches lived nightingales and doves
They would tweet secret messages to whoever searched for love
The old and young, the lonely and the sad
The good, the ugly, and even ones who have been bad
For everyone deserves to find love wherever it may be
And take a trip to the tropical island to see the magic tree
And once there touch her rainbow colours and smell her sweet potpourri
And then will you fall in love and be married by the sea

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